EVBackup Setup & Support

At EVBackup, we're all about providing an open, flexible storage platform. Our Open Remote Backup accounts are accessible via FTP as well as rsync, scp, sftp, ssh and sshfs.

If you need help at any time, don't hesitate to contact us at: support@evbackup.com


rsync is our recommended method for backing up your data, as it's fast, capable and stable: set it up and fuggetaboutit!
rsync 101 for Linux, Unix and BSD
A basic tutorial for using rsync on *nix based systems
Scripting and Automating rsync with *nix
Scripting and automating rsync backups for Linux, Unix and BSD
Commonly Used rsync Arguments
Some of the more common rsync args that you probably want to include in your rsync script
Restoring Files with rsync
How to restore files from backup using rsync
Backing Up Your Hosted Website
A quick tutorial on using your EVBackup account to back up your shared hosting account

rsnapshot, SSHFS, duplicity & more

Need full backups more than once per month? Perhaps you would like to mount your account as a directory? If so, then take a look at using some of the other ways to use your EVBackup account.
Implementing Redundant Backups with rsnapshot
How to set up frequent full backups without the diskspace: Using rsnapshot for making redundant backups on Unix, Linux, BSD
Mounting Your EVBackup Account with SSHFS / FUSE
How to mount your EVBackup account locally using SSHFS and FUSE for Unix, Linux, BSD
Backing up Your MySQL databases with mysqldump
How to back up your database with mysqldump and script backups with AutoMySQLBackup
Using SSH to Manage Your EVBackup Accounts
A quick tutorial on how to manage the files on your account through an SSH terminal
Using Duplicity to Backup Your Data
A short tutorial on how to make encrypted incremental backups with Duplicity
Connecting with FileZilla
Using FileZilla to connect to your EVBackup account